Moshe Shechner

PhD student, Blavatnik school of CS

Tel Aviv University

I am a PhD student in the Blavatnik School of Computer Science at Tel Aviv University. I am very fortunate to be advised by Dr. Uri Stemmer and by Prof. Edith Cohen.

Research interests

Data privacy, Algorithms, Adaptive data analysis.


  • 🔥New paper🔥 on adversarial streaming! we look on two relaxed (adversarial) models.

  • Presented our framework for adversarial streaming at ITCS'23. Check out my 25-min prerecorded presentation: ▶️

  • I gave a talk at HUJI machine learning club about adversarial streaming. ▶️

  • Our paper on adversarial streaming got accepted to ITCS'23! 🕺

  • Presented our paper about CountSketch in the adaptive setting at ICML'22. ▶️


[5] Relaxed Models for Adversarial Streaming: The Advice Model and the Bounded Interruptions Model
Menachem Sadigurschi, Moshe Shechner, Uri Stemmer
arXiv preprint

[4] On the Robustness of CountSketch to Adaptive Inputs
Edith Cohen, Xin Lyu, Jelani Nelson, Tamás Sarlós, Moshe Shechner, Uri Stemmer
👨‍🏫 ICML 2022

[3] A Framework for adversarial Streaming via Differential Privacy and Difference Estimators
Idan Attias, Edith Cohen, Moshe Shechner, Uri Stemmer

👨‍🏫 ITCS 2023

[2] Differentially Private Algorithms for Clustering with Stability Assumptions
Moshe Shechner
Thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the M. Sc. degree in the Faculty of Natural Sciences of Ben Gurion University.

[1] Private k-Means Clustering with Stability Assumptions
Moshe Shechner, Or Sheffet, Uri Stemmer